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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Company is committed to implementing and developing business balanced with its efforts to develop the lives of the local communities, bearing in mind that good community relations are vital for long-term success. Therefore, the Company, along with all staffs at every level, makes every effort to understand and interact positively with the communities in its locale, as well as to aid in community development through mutual respect, active cooperation and long-term commitment. To ensure a reciprocal relationship that is mutually supportive and useful to the local communities, the Company applies various principles to the relationship, including:


  • Always apply maximum effort to exist in harmony with the local host communities.
  • Promote a code of conduct based on self-reliance, dignity, self worth and self empowerment in all dealings with them.
  • Work in partnership with community leaders and government, where appropriate facilitate the development of transparent community development plans.
  • Actively encourage all employees to contribute to the social development/capacity-building of host communities by sharing talents and skills, particularly supporting local health and educational institutions.


These principles are applied and used as a basis to establish corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) programs. Basis of the Company’s CSR programs. Even though the development of most mine area under management have yet commercialized, the Company has implemented comprehensive and extensive community development programs to support the lives of the local communities through community development projects. In accordance with the increased levels of activity in the field, the Company has increased the intensity of its corporate social responsibility programs and ensured an increase in value for stakeholders at every stage of business development.