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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Company is committed to the provision of  optimal  and  sustainable  benefits  to  the community, the environment and the Indonesian economy. Every mining activity has a significant  impact on the society and the environment. Therefore, the Company cooperates with the Government and other stakeholders to synergize and empower the community around the mining operation areas to obtain the benefit from the Company’s business activities. Through the Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) activities, which are an integral part of the Company’s business processes, the Company wishes its mining business to grow and move forward with the community.

The Company empowers the community within the framework of the Master Plan for Community Development and Empowerment Program (“RIPPPM”) which refers to the Minister of ESDM’s Regulation No. 41 of 2016 on PPM, and the regulation was updated by the Minister of ESDM’s Decision No. 1824/K/30/ MEM/2018 on the implementation of the PPM. The Company’s PPM programs are designed to provide an added  value  and  tangible  benefits  to  improve the quality of life of the community. The plan of PPM implementation will eventually sustainable and be able to be managed by the community independently

Each subsidiary of the company has an External Division whose responsibility is to manage the PPM program. In order for the Company’s PPM programs  to  be  implemented  effectively,  most members of the External Division teams are local  workers  specifically  hired  to  support  the smooth communication and coordination of the Company with its stakeholders, including the local community.

The PPM program at PT Citra Palu Minerals is managed by the External & Support Service Division, which is based in Poboya Village, Mantikulore District; while at PT Gorontalo Minerals, is managed by the External Division based in the Kabila District, Bone Bolango Regency. The PPM program at PT Dairi Prima Mineral is managed by the CRD (Community Relations and Development) Division based in the Parongil Village, Silima Pungga Pungga District. The duty of PPM Team also to connect the PPM programs of the Company’s stakeholders from each area of the operations of its subsidiaries, so  that  the  PPM  programs  can  be  effectively targeted and granted by the parties involved

PPM Program Plan
The Company and its subsidiaries has recorded the basic economic and social aspects of the community based on the input of its member including the local government, traditional leaders, religious leaders and other relevant parties. The results of the economic and social mapping are synergized with the programs and policies of the local, provincial and district governments to avoid overlapping, and promote effectiveness and efficiency.The PPM program budget allocation is based to the needs of the community so it will become sustainable in achieving prosperity and selfsufficiency.  The  Company’s  budget  allocation and budget plans (“RAB”) are reported to the local government, as well as to the Central Government,  through  the  Office  of  Energy and Mineral Resources. The total cost of the Company’s PPM programs in 2018 was USD155,046 including the cost of emergency response and disaster management.

PPM Program Implementation in 2018
The PPM programs of the Company and its business units in 2018 are prioritized into four main pillars, including:
  1. Environment: focus on environmental sustainability and rehabilitation.
  2. Economy: focus on increasing economic value through partnerships with the community through  the  finest  sector  of  each  region  of the Company’s operations.
  3. Social: focus on education, health and infrastructure.
  4. Prosperity: focus on religion/spirituality, culture, sports and youth, and society and community